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Software Benefits
  • Live Chat: Perform live chat with your website visitors by having multiple live chat sessions offered by Support Live Chat software.
  • Real-time visitor monitoring: Track your website visitors as the software offers real-time website visitor monitoring feature. Now, visitor footprints and other details get recorded even when all operators are offline.
  • Multiple Language Support: eAssistance Pro supports multiple languages to cater needs of native users from all around the globe. Countries following right-to-left writing pattern (middle-east countries) can easily chat in their native format using this Live Chat application.
  • Totally Customizable: The software offers customizable chat button, operator console, visitor chat window, greeting messages, and even customizable chat invitation messages.
  • Spell Checker: Embedded with an automatic spell check and auto-suggest features.
  • Traffic Stats: The software allows monitoring website traffic and provides visitor statistics and page traffic leads. New tooltip is visible in visitor summary which displays current URL, referrer URL, hostname
  • Fully Customized: Facilitates numerous options for customizing waiting messages, survey messages, auto-response for offline messages, and much more. Even, provides option to enable/disable display of online/offline chat icon from the website.
  • Geo-Mapping: Have a clear view of website visitor’s geographic location on a global map layout. The tool uses different markers to display different status of website visitors.
  • Secure and Reliable: 256-bit encrypted SSL prevents business-specific data from hackers.
  • Search Feature: Offers Search option in the Visitor section to let visitors look for any specific information using any keyword present in this section.
  • Cost Effective: The software offers numerous subscription plans that suits your business needs.
  • Easy-to-setup: This Live chat software is easy-to-install that can be added to any website within a few minutes.
  • Highly Adaptive: Can be easily integrated within numerous third-party applications such as Wordpress, Joomla, Blogger, Drupal, Zen Desk, Magento, Big Commerce, Sales Force, Zen Cart, EBay Pro Stores, and Shopify.
  • Full Control: Admin can decide whether to send Auto Chat Invitations to website visitors or not from the Chat Settings section, allow/disallow website visitors from uploading a file while chatting, mail the chat transcript, submit post chat survey and print chat conversation.
  • Full Support: Web-based Operator Console of the Live chat software is fully compatible with all major Web Browsers, all Operating System platforms and Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.
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100% Money Back
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Support Live Web Chat Software version 1.4

Get connected with your website visitors in real-time and promote your business by converting website visitors into customers. Whatever is the kind of your business, that is, Auctions, Auto Sales, Car Rental, Consulting, E-Commerce, Education, Financial, Government, Human Resource, Insurance, Online Marketing, Pharmacy, Real Estate, Travel, Web Design and Web Hosting eAssistance Pro is among the best available solution offering Live Chat Support to all your website visitors and helps in enhancing the business.

Be free from the fear of losing your business-specific data to intruders and online hackers using highly secure and reliable eAssistance Pro software. Answer chat, invite to chat, transfer chat, send files, hold multiple chat sessions, co-chat with operators, co-browse to direct visitors to specific webpages and a lot more using this flexible and customizable utility. Support Live Chat Software is available at much reasonable prices that fits every business type and provides real-time website monitoring.

Offered two types of Operator Consoles:

Stand-alone Operator Console: A specialized application that allows you to chat and interact with your website visitors offering more options than the web-based chat console. It needs to be installed on the Operators’ computer and can be installed on any number of machines. Also, multiple instances of the operator console can be logged in using the different operator account depending upon the license. For multiple instances of Console logged from the same system, multiple icons of eAssistance Pro get displayed in the Windows System tray. Avail all the operator-side features associated with eAssistance Pro using this console. The operator can chat with visitors, track information about visitors, pro-actively assist visitors and enhance business using this downloadable operator console.

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Web-based Operator Console: An operator console that can be accessed using any web browser and any OS platform and does not required to be installed on the system. It supports only basic chat functionalities and is to be considered when standalone operator console is not available. The supported Web Browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. and the supported OS platforms include Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Using eAssistance Pro Live Chat Software, a user can get complete details for the Referrer section including the URL used by the website visitor for landing on the website and the icons based on the keywords extracted from a few well-known search engines such as Bing, AOL, Ask, Google, Mamma, Lycos, Blekko, DuckDuckGo, Yondex, Yahoo, Baidu, eBay, Wikipedia and MyWebSearch.

eAssistance Pro involves three levels of interaction: the Admin, Operator and Visitor

The admin holds an eAssistance Pro account, the operator uses the operator console to interact with Live Chat visitors and visitors use the chat messenger to interact with operators. Admin manages everything in the eAssistance Pro account. All settings and account-related activities can be performed using any OS platform and Web browser like Internet Explorer (even IE 10), Firefox, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.

Visitors can also initiate a chat session with operators using any OS platform and web browser. Visitors can also use any mobile platform like iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Blackberry devices. It is to be noted that the standalone operator console can be currently installed in Windows platforms only and the web-based operator console can be used from any OS platform using any web browser.

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Offered Chat Button Codes:

eAssistance Pro offers six different types of chat codes for selecting the chat button to be displayed on the web pages. Use just need to copy the chat codes and place them in the web pages. Available Chat Button codes include:

  • Fully-featured chat button code: This is the default chat button code that can be placed anywhere among web pages.
  • Chat button code with image/link for email: The chat button code that can be placed in emails that allows customers to click and get connected for instant chat.
  • No script chat button code: The chat button code for older browser versions that doesn’t support JavaScript.
  • Chat button code with custom images: A fully-featured chat button code but with custom images.
  • Text chat link code: The chat button code with text message rather than images.
  • Hidden code for visitor monitoring: The hidden chat button code without any link for chat that is designed especially for visitor monitoring.

Just try before you purchase!

eAssistance Pro is available as a fully-functional FREE trial version for a trial period of 15 days that lets users to evaluate its capabilities. Just create an account, Support Live Chat Software will automatically generate one operator and one department. The free trial version limits users from adding new operators or creating new departments. Choose the subscription plan and add operators as per the subscribed plan and every subscriber can have upto 10 different departments for live support.